Zen Spa Retreat en San Juan

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200, Convention Blvd, 00907, San Juan, PR Puerto Rico
Contactos teléfono: +1 787-522-8433
Sitio web: www.zen-spa.com
Latitude: 18.4541137, Longitude: -66.0901744
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Comentarios 5

  • urania dominguez

    urania dominguez


    Exelente servicio. Precios demasiado altos.

  • Circe Torruellas

    Circe Torruellas


    Worst spa experience, if you even want to call it that since no service ended up happening. First I arrived and the told me they had been “calling me” ( although I had no missed call or messages from them) to tell me the person that was going to provide the pedicure called in sick. I still also had an appointment for a massage and so they offered to reschedule the pedicure and let me use the pool as I waited. After offering to accommodate the service later the lady took my information and disappeared and left me waiting in the front only to come back later and even forget that I was there. Then she asked a different woman to check me in. I once again had to repeat everything to the other woman about what had happened with my massage and reservation. When doing the tour of the areas they adviced that the steam room was closed being repaired, yet something else that I was looking forward to not happening. Trying not to be annoyed I went to the pool to 20 mins in receive a call from the spa that the massage was going to be delay and I could stay longer in the pool if I wanted to. Trying to be understanding I stayed in the pool and waited for a while and then went downstairs to wait in the spa which was more quiet. 15 minutes later after they had told me the massage was supposed to start I was still waiting for someone to come get me. At that point I just got up and got dressed and asked for a full reimbursement for the entire amount I paid to get no service. As I was doing this miraculously the masseuse showed up. At that point I had It. They didn’t offer anything to redeem to make up for just the awful experience but gave me my money back.

  • Nicole V

    Nicole V


    Terrible management, poor communication and services and facilities are mediocre and pricey. Went for what was supposed to be a package that I saw on their catalogue online that included couples massage, manicures and pedicures for $275. Called the other location in the morning and was told there was no availability and given the number for this location. I spoke with a woman on the phone and asked about that specific package and was told there were openings and would be no problem fitting us in. We got there and were given robes to change into that smelled musty as if someone had been sweating in them. The locker room had also run out of paper towels and tissues. We then attempted to use the steam room and sauna and found that the steam room was broken. Finally got the massages, which were okay. Seeing as staff wasn’t very informative, we weren’t sure where to go next to wait for the mani/pedis, so I went back to the front desk to ask about it and came to find we were only booked for the massages. I was then informed that the price would be $250 for the massages alone and that they were fully booked and couldn’t accommodate us for the mani/pedis that day. As I was speaking with the staff, the manager happened to be standing at the desk and told me that there was no such thing as that package at their location and then abruptly asked me if I would be paying for the massages together or separately. I asked how I was able to make an appointment for that package if they didn’t have it and she just shoved their brochure in my face (more than once) telling me that I had called the wrong place, even though I had SPECIFICALLY asked about that package to the woman I had spoken to in the morning and was able to make an appointment. Then she asked me several times, “you don’t know the name of the person you spoke to?”, “you don’t know who you spoke to??” with an eyebrow raise even after I repeatedly told her all I knew was that it was a woman and she never stated her name. Then demanded again, “NOW, will you be paying for these together or separately?!”, bearing in mind I had told her the first time it would be together. Overall, just a terrible experience and will definitely NOT be returning or recommending this spa to anyone I know. Management needs to take a course in etiquette and customer service.

  • Natte Scott

    Natte Scott


    Not impressed. One front desk person was a bit rude. And the menu is confusing so you maybe charged more than you expected! Do be sure price and service is clear! When you get your key, look closely at what is written on the small piece of paper and ask the price again before you begin your treatment! Prices are high and come on...55 mins? Just make it an even hour. Did not really like the waiting room and the men's changing room was small. Towels were smelly and old, no additional towels in the rocker room. Not very professional. Massage was just OK. Seemed like not very well trained staff who cannot speak English very well.

  • Nora E. Beauchamp-Méndez

    Nora E. Beauchamp-Méndez


    No es la primera vez que voy a Zen Spa, pero si la primera que voy al ubicado en el Sheraton. El servicio casi excelente. Las técnicas, excelentes, pero en la recepción no. Tenía un «Day Spa» mejorado; me dejaron esparando en la recepción mientras atendían una llamada (Posterior a mi llegada) en la que explicaban los servicios, no me anotaron 3 de los servicios del paquete a pesar de que enseñé por mi celular todo lo que incluia y uno de dichos servicios tuvo que quedarse para una próxima ocasión (espero que lo honren). Ni una disculpa recibí del recepcionista. Debo aclarar que el masaje fue excelente, así como el mani y el Pedicura, el facial inmejorable. Si no fuese por el recepcionista y su pésima atención, hubiese dado 5 estrellas. Fui a relajarme el día de mi cumpleaños, cosa que no logré.

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